“I’ve dealt with chronic health issues for most of my life. I started seeing Tristin about 2 months ago, and over that time period of working with me and getting foot zoned–I’ve noticed a TREMENDOUS difference in many areas. Chronic sinus inflammation has gone down. I have had terrible insomnia that has improved dramatically over the past 2 months. Her methods and knowledge are incredible and have greatly helped and improved my quality of life! Can’t say enough good things!”

-Client N.

FootZonology® is the study and the science of the signal system on the feet. The signal system on the feet is directly connected to the DNA code in every cell of the body, and from the DNA code, to our inner blueprint. Your inner blueprint is within you and a map of your highest and most perfect self. The feet are our foundation—they are like the keyboard to our body. When we access and utilize the signal system in the feet, footzoning prompts the body and its systems to balance, renew, and reconnect on a cellular level.

There are two methods used in each session:

ZoneBalance® and ZoneAnalysis®

ZoneBalance® is a systematic method that reconnects the broken connection between our light vessels, balances and repairs unfavorable imprints in the DNA code, and reconnects the DNA back to the inner blueprint. ZoneBalance® renews our cells to align with our inner blueprint, raises the body’s life energy and awareness, and balances our four lower bodies.


ZoneAnalysis® is a method to see or feel the present condition in the feet and bring awareness to the DNA code that is disconnected from the inner blueprint. In ZoneAnalysis® the following information can be discovered: Residues and disturbances due to diet/food/and drink intake. Residues and disturbances from heavy metals, food additives, and drugs. Foreign living beings such as bacteria, parasites, fungus, and viral activity. Emotional or disturbed feelings and mental formations can also be felt via the feet.

What can you expect during a zoning treatment?

In this session you can expect a 45-60-minute zone. You’ll stay fully clothed, sitting in a comfortable chair, and your therapist will work solely on your lower ankles and the entirety of the feet.

Note* Please do not wash your feet within a few hours of your appointment. No oils, lotions, or salves should be applied to the lower leg or foot within 24 hrs. of your scheduled appointment—as this interferes with your practitioner’s ability to feel the signals in the feet.

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