BackZonology is the study and science of the signal system in the back. Just like your feet and face, the back possesses the same signal system. This signal system is directly connected to the solar plexus (or known as the pancreas & adrenal glands), and from the solar plexus to our inner blueprint. Your inner blueprint is the map of your highest and most perfect self. 

Throughout life, we experience all types of deep and significant emotional disturbances and traumas. Our body remembers these emotions, or you could say, ‘makes an imprint’ in our emotional body. BackZoning assists in balancing the emotional body, raising your awareness about your emotional formations, and your emotional behaviors. BackZoning also assists in erasing the matrix of the world and your own beliefs and feelings which have influenced your life.

What can you expect during a zoning treatment?

In this session, you can expect a full Back ZoneBalance of the gluteal area, entirety of the back, and the neck—where your practitioner will utilize the signals with a series of rolling, trigging, and gliding to prompt the emotional body to balance and renew.

Your practitioner will then perform Back Tissue Rejuvenation, a deep release of the myo-fascial tissue from the gluteal area, up through the entirety of the back and neck. This increases blood flow immensely, cleanses the back tissue, clears and cleans up the lymph, corrects and gives energy to the spinal nerves and bone structure, improves the metabolism of the body, and improves the function and cleansing capacities of the colon and the inner organs. This is extremely important if your inner organs are overburdened or need extra support. Tissue Rejuvenation strengthens the muscles in the back, greatly improves the appearance of the body’s posture, and increases the elasticity and firmness of the muscle.

Your practitioner will then customize a unique blend of organic essential and carrier oils for an Aromatic Back Massage. This systematic and gentle massage is specifically tailored to support and influence what your body’s systems need during the treatment. The customized blend is applied over the entirety of the gluteal area, the back and neck.

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