FaceZonology is the study and science of the signal system in your face. Just like your feet and back, the face possesses the same signal system. The signal system in the face is directly connected with the limbic system in the brain and from the limbic system to our inner blueprint. Your inner blueprint is within you and the map of your highest and most perfect self. FaceZoning is an incredible modality that will bring you into a euphoric state of relaxation and release.

In the face, we hold the mental formations, imbalances, and disturbances we have developed from our lifetime of experiences. This is everything we have seen, heard, said, tasted, smelled, and touched. These things have made imprints in our mental body. Our body remembers these traumas and experiences and holds them within the mental body. FaceZoning can assist the body in eliminating these mental disturbances, aligning and correcting and erasing the unfavorable imprints from the world.

What can you expect during a zoning treatment?

In this session, you can expect a full Face ZoneBalance of the throat area, entirety of the face, and scalp—where your practitioner will utilize the signals with a series of rolling, trigging, and gliding to prompt the mental body to balance, renew and raise your awareness.

Your practitioner will then perform Face Tissue Rejuvenation, a deep release of the myo-fascial tissue from the throat through the entirety of the face. This increases blood flow in the face, giving you an incredible natural face lift. This method also cleanses the tissue, balances the hormones, and rids of any waste in the signals of the inner organs.

Your practitioner will customize a unique blend of organic essential and carrier oils for an Aromatic Face Massage. This systematic and gentle massage is specifically tailored to support and influence what your body’s systems need during the treatment. The customized blend is applied over the entirety of the neck, face, scalp and hair.

Our hair possesses the ability to push toxins and chemicals out of the body. So, lastly, for Hair Rejuvenation, your practitioner will use a hair pulling technique to soak the hair and scalp in nutrient dense oils and assist your body in ridding of waste.

Note* You can opt out of hair rejuvenation if you would not like oils in your hair, but this portion is highly recommended and the high quality, nutrient dense, therapeutic and organic oils are great for a deep rejuvenating hair treatment.

Please have your face and neck free of makeup if possible, as this will allow for a better treatment with the oils on the face and allows your practitioner to better reach the signals. 

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